A personal message from a Ladaat volunteer
I've been active in the Israeli reproductive health field for close to eight years now. I've counseled, guided and served women from all backgrounds. They were Israeli, Sudanese, Eritrean, American, French, Liberian, Malian and British. Jewish, Muslim and Christian. Religious, charedi and secular. Adults, teenagers and children.
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From My Little Screen in The Middle East
By Malkie Khutoretsky Everywhere you look there is change. It’s not just you, this generation has the fastest rate of change in the history of change. There’s really just a lot going on. Politically, socially, environmentally; every sphere seems to be going through a huge growth spurt of some kind. Some spurts are more incredible […]
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חינוך מי(ני)וחד
נעה גולדשמידט – סטודנטית שנה א' לחינוך מיוחד כותבת על האתגרים והדרך המיוחדת שהיא עברה עם חניכה שלה שמוגדרת כתלמידת חינוך מיוחד סביב שיח על מיניות ומחזור.
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